Does the employer learn about personal bankruptcy?

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If the debt is so overwhelming that an affected person can not find a way out, private insolvency is usually the only way out. The insolvency proceedings ends with the discharge of residual debt . All remaining debts are then issued, with a few exceptions, and the former debtor can start liberated into a new phase of life .

However, debts are still a topic that those concerned prefer not to mention. Before filing, many debtors therefore ask themselves the question, “Does the employer learn of a personal bankruptcy?” They fear, for example, that a dismissal could follow.

Basically, it can first be stated that according to employment law you are not obliged to inform your employer if you register for a private bankruptcy . And even if you do, it must not be to the detriment of you. Your employer can not terminate you just because you are going through a personal bankruptcy.

What is the best way for you to get out of debt? Check your options for free now! Online debt analysis → Good to know: The principle that you do not have to inform your employer when you are in private bankruptcy also applies to job interviews . You are not required to inform a prospective employer about your financial position or existing debts . This also applies if the interview explicitly asks for a personal bankruptcy .

Why is the employer often aware of the bankruptcy?

If the employer learns about personal bankruptcy , this is not a reason for cancellation.

Regarding the question “Does the employer learn about my personal bankruptcy”, part of the answer is as follows: You yourself do not have to provide any information. Nevertheless, it is often the case that such information reaches the employer . How does this happen?

During the conduct phase , you are obligated to a portion of your income to the liquidator to deliver. Often, this directly addresses your employer and asks there the amount of your income. In addition , the insolvency administrator instructs him to transfer the attachable amount directly . This gives the employer information about your personal bankruptcy.

If you want to avoid this, you only have the option of asking the insolvency administrator to claim the attachable part of your income from you and not from the employer . Basically, this approach is possible. However , it is at the discretion of the insolvency administrator whether he actually complies with your request.

Ranking of safe investment funds

In recent years, and because of the fall in the profitability of deposits, investment funds have become the best ally for savers. Investment funds are financial institutions managed by a group of expert professionals who invest the money they have raised from the sale of shares. They are a very useful and practical tool for investors with little experience since the choice of financial assets in which they will invest their capital will be in the hands of specialized professionals. When choosing an investment fund, the investor profile is the most important factor. There are many conservative investors who prefer to assume a limited risk, although it implies a lower expected return. And they look for a prudent approach to long-term capital preservation. In view of this, we have developed a ranking of the types of investment funds where these are classified according to the security or the risk they entail.

1. Guaranteed funds 

Guaranteed funds are considered the most conservative type among all investment funds. In general terms, these funds ensure the recovery of the capital invested initially. In this case, the risk is practically non-existent as long as the investor respects the final date in which the guarantee is given, so the profitability is very low.

Some guaranteed funds are fixed income, that is, they guarantee a fixed yield on the due date. On the other hand, guaranteed equity funds do not ensure the additional profitability of the investment beyond the recovery of the initial capital. In any case, the guaranteed funds are a totally safe option for more conservative investors, since they do not risk losing the initial capital if they maintain their investment until the end of the pre-fixed horizon.

2. Fixed income funds

This type of fund is characterized by investing most of the capital in fixed income assets. Fixed-income assets are financial assets that oblige the issuer to make payments in an amount and in a period of time previously established. The amount of such payments includes the initial investment and a certain return.

The fact that the coupon of these assets is “fixed” does not imply that its value does not fluctuate over time, but that the expiration term that has been agreed upon is irremovable. At this time the return of the initial capital occurs so, if maintained until then, we know from the beginning its profitability. In any case, the value of these assets tends to suffer few fluctuations, which depend, mainly, on interest rates. Therefore, it is considered that fixed-income investment funds have a low risk, making them an appropriate option for conservative investors.

Within the funds of fixed rent, the ones of lower risk are the monetary funds. Monetary funds, in addition to the lower volatility of an investment in fixed-income assets, offer great liquidity since they have shorter maturities. This means that they can be easily and quickly transformed into cash without a loss of asset value, which can be very practical for those individuals whose finances depend on these investments.

However, a context of low and even negative interest rates for the closest maturities means that the expected returns from these funds, although subject to minimum risk, may be negative. That is, the money funds assume what we could define as the cost of security.

3. Mixed funds

Mixed funds invest in both fixed-income assets and variable income assets. The proportion of capital that goes to each type of asset will determine the level of risk (and profitability) of the investment fund. In any case, although the percentage of investment in equity assets exceeds the investment in fixed income assets, this type of funds would continue to be safer than purely variable income funds, since there will always be a minimum percentage of fixed income. , active whose behavior tends to be different from that of the stock market and therefore acts to soften the movements of the fund. The main advantage of this type of funds is that they allow diversifying investments without having to resort to other investment funds.

4. Global funds

The global funds have complete freedom in terms of the strategy they are going to implement, since they are not obliged to set in advance any of the conditions of the investment, from the type of financial assets to the geographical distribution of the capital. This flexibility in its management policy means that the fund’s portfolio is able to adapt to changing market environments. And for this, you need the freedom of not having predetermined percentages in each asset class. However, in the vast majority of cases, these are multi-active and global funds, so their level of risk does not usually exceed that of funds that invest exclusively in equities.

5. Equity funds

The investment in equity assets or stocks implies that the yield obtained is not fixed: it can be high, low and even negative. This type of investment offers an unlimited return but also carries a high risk. On the one hand, the value of the shares is affected by fluctuations in the economy and the markets and, on the other hand, the evolution of the sector and the company itself directly affects the price of these shares.

These factors make equity funds an option that generates uncertainty and may not be the most appropriate if the investor’s profile is conservative. On the contrary, if the profile is risky and what is sought is the possibility of obtaining a higher profitability, investing in shares is, without a doubt, the best option.

This ranking reflects the most common investment funds, although there are several other types. Obviously, the more secure the investment fund, the lower the profitability that should be expected from it.

The best offers of loans without endorsement

Image result for best offerNot having an endorsement is no longer a problem to get the financing you need. Discover the best loan offers in the market . With loans without endorsement, all those who do not have someone to back them can get financing. Compare for free among the best credits of the moment:



  • Loans without endorsement and the figure of the guarantor
  • Where can I contract loans without third parties?
  • What types of non-guaranteed loans currently exist?
  • General requirements that lenders will require of us
  • 3 tricks to hire loans without endorsement instantly
  • Precautions before applying for a loan without endorsement
  • How to increase the chances of getting a credit
  • Is it safe to take out online loans without a guarantee?
  • These are the loans without endorsement with ASNEF
  • Can I reform my house with a loan without an endorsement?

Loans without endorsement and the figure of the guarantor

Loans without endorsement and the figure of the guarantor

In the world of loans, the guarantee is an additional guarantee requested by some financial institutions when they consider that the borrower does not have enough equity to respond to the payment of the loan he wishes to hire. A third person (the guarantor) commits by contract to respond to the payment of the debt with his capital or his assets if the borrower does not do so , that is, he will have to reimburse the installments in case of delay of the borrower.

In this way, the lenders ensure that the loan money will be returned to them, even if the applicant does not offer sufficient guarantees of payment. It is nothing less than adding an extra degree of security to the lender in the event that our economic profile does not meet the required requirements.

Therefore, a loan without an endorsement is, simply and plainly, a loan that can be contracted without having to rely on the support of a third person . As we have said, entities only require a guarantor if the means at our disposal are not enough to cover the payment of monthly payments, so if our level of income is adequate, we will not have many problems to obtain a loan without endorsement, all if we ask for a low amount loan.

Where can I contract loans without third parties?

The vast majority of entities that grant personal loans will not require us to be backed by a third party if our level of income is sufficient to repay the requested credit or if we provide another type of additional guarantee, such as a property or a vehicle. These are the entities that currently allow us to obtain loans without endorsement:

  • Conventional banks : it is usually the most frequent option when we look for financing. The banks of our country usually offer a wide variety of financing products, some of them without requiring us to present a guarantee, as is the case with pre-granted loans or payroll advances.
  • Financial companies : they are privately financed companies that became popular in the wake of the crisis. Virtually none of these companies will ask for an endorsement. The requirements and conditions that we must meet in order to access the financing we need are more lax than in banking entities, but in any case, it will be essential that we demonstrate that we have a minimum, sufficient and periodic income that allows us to pay fees. our loan
  • Major commercial brands : they are companies, such as department stores, dealers or telephone companies, which will also offer us the financing we need without having a guarantor. Normally this type of loans without endorsement granted by non-financial companies will give us the product that we want to acquire at the moment and we will pay its price in comfortable installments.

Depending on how much money you need, how urgently want to receive and use we want to give, we will cheaper to apply our loan without collateral in an entity or OTR. For example, if we want to finance the purchase of a car, it would be convenient to compare the options given by the banking or financial entities and those that are not, as in the case of the dealer where we are going to make the purchase.

What types of non-guaranteed loans currently exist?

What types of non-guaranteed loans currently exist?

Entities will only require us to have a guarantor if we do not offer sufficient payment guarantees. Therefore, we can affirm that the vast majority of loans are loans without collateral, since we will not need a third party to support us if we have enough income to pay the fees agreed with the loan provider. Next we will see what are the different credits without endorsement that we can hire if we do not have the support of a relative or acquaintance:

  • Mini Credits instantly :
    • They are loans that do not require either guarantee or payroll and offer up to 1,200 euros in a matter of a few minutes with an online, fast and simple application process. Mini-credits available through the Internet generally have a maximum term of 30 days, although certain lenders will allow us to request extensions or return them in advance (the cost will depend on their conditions). It is advisable to set the return date the following day or a few days after collecting the payroll , to guarantee that we will have enough money to return it and, in addition, reduce the credit life time to the maximum. In turn, this type of loan without low-value guarantee is designed to solve specific problems and with responsibility, since its price is much higher than that of traditional financing.
  • Personal loans :
    • Although some personal loans do require a guarantor, in many cases it is possible to obtain them without this financial figure. Depending on our situation and our level of income, we can obtain loans without guarantees of amounts over 5,000 euros, with repayment terms of up to several years. They have an average cost of around 8% APR and are reimbursed in monthly installments of one part of capital and another part of interest.
  • Credit cards :
    • Another alternative available to us to obtain express financing is to resort to credit cards. With them, we can access a line of credit from which we can withdraw cash or use it to pay for purchases and pay them in installments. Credit cards do not require a guarantor and the limit will be conditioned to the holder’s level of income. However, we must bear in mind that in order for a bank to issue a credit card, our profile must be optimal and solvent.

As we can see, each type of loan without collateral has different characteristics and added advantages that may be less attractive depending on our profile, the money we want to obtain and for what purpose we are going to use it. According to the purpose that we have thought of giving these loans without endorsement, the capital that we need or our economic situation will be convenient to request a type of credit without endorsement or other.

General requirements that lenders will require of us

The entities that manage the loans with endorsement will not ask us to have a guarantee to support us in case of non-payment, but they will require us to have a minimum and sufficient income that can guarantee that they do not run any risk when lending us money. We can get these credits with ASNEF as long as we demonstrate the following:

  • We have sufficient, regular and demonstrable income (a payroll, a pension, a scholarship, the rent of a property to a third party, a payment for unemployment …).
  • We are Spanish residents (we have a DNI / NIE or passport that proves it).
  • We are of legal age (although some entities will ask us to be at least 21 or 25 years old).

We must bear in mind that these requirements will vary depending on the entity with which we are dealing and what our personal and financial situation is. Of course, all these conditions are exclusive, so if we do not comply, we can not access the loan with endorsement we need.

3 tricks to hire loans without endorsement instantly

3 tricks to hire loans without endorsement instantly

As we have seen, if we meet a series of requirements and, above all, we have a stable, demonstrable and sufficient source of income, we will not have problems obtaining loans without endorsement. However, not every time you accept our loan application without endorsement , so if we want to increase our chances we can follow the following tricks:

  1. The smaller the amount, the easier it will be if they do not demand an endorsement . The clearest example we have in the minicréditos , a way to get up to 1,200 euros for which it will not be necessary to have payroll or guarantor.
  2. It is always preferable to ask for personal loans online to apply for loans with a mortgage guarantee, because this way we can get a loan without a guarantee without having to put our home as collateral.
  3. Finally, we must bear in mind that personal loans without collateral are negotiable , since everything depends on the profile of the applicant, the amount requested and other factors such as the term in which you want to return it.

A loan without an endorsement is easier to obtain, but it does not exempt our liability from the debt. We must remember that before the non-payment of the loan without guarantee we will have to respond with all our assets and that a bank always has preference in a jury in front of other creditors . This happens both with fast- payer and mini- credit lenders without payroll.

Precautions before applying for a loan without endorsement

That they lend us a loan without endorsement and without a payroll does not exempt us from our acquired responsibility before the debt . By signing the loan agreement without the guarantee that we have requested, we are contracting a debt that we will have to repay in the way we previously agreed with the lender.

In the event that we do not pay one or more installments, the entity will apply a series of penalties for non-payment that will increase the price of the loan and, in addition, we run the risk that our data will be included in one of the list of defaulters of our country. If the default were prolonged, the consequences could be even more serious, since the lender could request a judge to seize our assets.

Some entities, however, offer the possibility of extending the term of their loans without endorsement to clients who, for whatever reason, can not satisfy the debt within the agreed term. Asking for an extension usually has a cost, but it always comes out cheaper than paying the commissions and interest for late payment . If we want to extend the term of the loans without guarantee, we will have to contact the entity before the expiration date and pay the corresponding cost. In case the lender does not offer us this possibility, we can try to negotiate the extension of the term to pay more affordable installments.

Is it safe to take out online loans without a guarantee?

Image result for is it safe?

In recent years, the number of financial institutions that manage loans without endorsement through the Internet has increased , which has also led some illegitimate lenders to offer fraudulent services to users seeking quick money. To differentiate between those that are transparent and those that are not convenient to take into account the following factors:

  1. A reliable lender will never ask us for money in advance , even in concept as “management expenses”. Generally, thanks to the simulators, if we want to request credits without endorsement we can know in advance how much we will have to pay and how many installments. Likewise, it is convenient that we know that online loans without collateral do not usually include commissions or linked products.
  2. The page of the lender of credits without endorsement must follow the correct protocols of security , that protect our personal and banking data. To know that we will find ourselves before a secure website, the following should appear:
    • In the address bar of the web of loans without endorsement a green padlock should appear.
    • The url of the page must start with # a security protocol that guarantees that the transfer of the online data is activated.
  3. They can not take us out of ASNEF : the only way out of these files is to make the debt effective and that the entity that included us eliminates us. We must doubt the entities that promise to take us out in exchange for “management expenses” or any other suggestion.

Enter and look for opinions in a financial comparator such as, not only help us to know tricks like these, but in it we can also find opinions of other users about a brand. On the other hand, we can also consult the official associations of private equity lenders, because if the entity we go to is registered, we will have total confidence that it is reliable.

These are the loans without endorsement with ASNEF

We must know that there are certain lenders that will allow us to obtain loans without collateral even if we have outstanding debts. If we are included in ASNEF due to a non-payment with our telephone operator or our telephone company, we can obtain loans without an ASNEF guarantee provided that we comply with additional requirements:

  • The outstanding debt can not have any relationship with a bank or any product or service issued by it.
  • The default can not exceed the amount stipulated by the lender, which usually ranges between 200 and 1,000 euros.

We must bear in mind that the basic requirements to get credits or minicréditos with endorsement are that we have sufficient and periodic monthly income that allows us to correctly return the amount of money that we have borrowed. Also, we must be of legal age (or 21 or 25 years old, depending on the concession policy of the entity), be residents in Spain and have a checking account in our name where they can deposit the money we have requested.

Can I reform my house with a loan without an endorsement?

The reforms of our house can be of all kinds, as can also the loans that we can request. If we want a loan reform to remodel some aspect of our housing, it should be noted that these will not need endorsement either. Depending on which project we have in mind, we can request the following reform loans that will allow us to make small repairs or larger projects. According to the purpose that we want to make, therefore, the credit that we request will be of greater or lesser amount.

  • For large renovations, we will need to resort to the credits of large sizes. Personal loans for reforms are the way to finance projects that require construction or total changes. This type of loans for reforms, as we said, allow us to obtain financing between 1,000 and 60,000 euros. Their terms are much broader (ranging from a few months to several years, depending on the criterion of the financial institution in question).
  • Mini credits for less complicated reforms. If it is a small redesign like buying a piece of furniture or if, on the other hand , we need to solve a breakdown in the home, with a mini-loan for reforms it would be enough. These mini credits offer smaller amounts than we have seen previously with personal loans. They tend to oscillate between 300 and 1,200 euros. The term of this kind of credits is short since, at most, its reimbursement must be made in a month and in a single installment. Therefore, when we hire this type of mini loan for reforms, we must be sure that we can return it the following month.

As we see, it depends on the reform project that we have in mind, the type of financing will vary. Of course, in both cases the fact that, to go to these two examples of credits, it will not be necessary to have an endorsement.


Luis de Guindos "There will be credit for SMEs and individuals"

For the minister, investors do not believe in Catalan secession

Guindos says that the bank will request 30,000 million to the ECB to lend “in competitive conditions”

Luis de GuindosThe Minister of Economy , Luis de Guindos (born on January 16, 1960 in Madrid) has been casting this summer today and not because the Spanish economy has experienced problematic situations or because of the volatility of the stock markets, as in previous years, for his possible appointment as president of the Eurogroup, position for which he received the support of the Prime Minister, Mariano Rajoy, and even Angela Merkel herself at the end of August. The interview was held in his office last Thursday, after the surprise announcement by ECB President Mario Draghi of the drop in the price of money to 0.05% and the purchase of assets. After his holidays in Marbella, he returns with energy to face the pending reforms of his ministry and the trips of the Eurogroup and the Ecofin. He has changed a good part of his team. movement unleashed by the departure of a secretary of state.

The words of the current president of the Eurogroup, Jeroen Dijsselbloem, have been very hard against his possible appointment …
Point number one: I will do what the president of the Government, Mariano Rajoy, says. Point number two: the Eurogroup is a very important institution, at the moment, because it is a unique forum for assessing the economic policy of the euro zone. And point number three: I have the utmost respect for the two presidents of the Eurogroup: both the current one, the Dutch Dijsselbloem, and the previous one, Jean-Claude Juncker. The new one will arrive when the Dutchman leaves …

If the Eurogroup does not come out, could it preside over the new Single Resolution Mechanism?
(…) I insist, I will not enter the controversy. The appointment of the new president of the Eurogroup will take place when the current president leaves office in June 2015 … I feel the utmost respect for him. The presidency of the new resolution body will also be an important position, but Spain is not thinking, now, in that position.

What do investors ask about the sovereignty issue of Catalonia?

What do investors ask about the sovereignty issue of Catalonia?

Investors and analysts see that Spain is doing its homework. Nobody considers secession in Catalonia to be probable because it is not a rational scenario, neither realistic nor possible. Catalonia is one of the autonomous communities that have taken advantage of the reforms of the central Government. It is perceived in the figures of unemployment, in the data of the EPA, in the affiliations to the Social Security, in the economic growth, in the flows of investment … It even counts on two of the main banking entities of the country.

He does not believe that what was announced on Thursday by Mario Draghi can raise alarms about the fact that the economy is worse …
Beyond the decisions that the ECB has made, I think there is concern because the recovery is fragile, it does not gain strength … Even though some analysts talk about the possibility of a third relapse in the euro zone, I am not so pessimistic … I think Germany will recover. Obviously, those that already have several quarters of growth very low are France and Italy and some countries of the center of Europe. I do not think we will have negative growth in Europe in any of the next quarters, but with an unemployment rate of 11% … You can see that it is difficult to grow with acceptable figures and that worries. It is essential to reach a pact of economic reforms. The emphasis should be on reforms. If a country reforms and grows, it is good for Italy, Germany, France …

It will be enough?


With the purchase of bank assets and mortgage bonds, the liquidity of the system will be boosted. The ECB has another important action this fall: the liquidity bar of up to 400,000 million to the bank. Two major auctions will be held before the end of the year. For banking it is a very interesting mechanism, both from the point of view of cost and terms. We expect that Spanish banks will request a volume of around 30,000 million euros, which represents three points of GDP. And these credits will be used to finance companies, especially SMEs, and individuals in very competitive conditions.

How much will the economy grow in the third quarter?


The European economy has stopped, while Spain has been able to grow at 0.4% and 0.6% in the first two quarters. In these moments, the risks for the Spanish economy come more from outside than from inside. With the advanced data we see that the industrial sector has lost some speed, while the service sector is in an expansive and very accelerated phase. We could finish the third quarter in the environment of 0.5%.

Will the citizens find new adjustments, after the budgets of the 2015 election year?
Most of the adjustment of this legislature is already done. We will end 2014 with an increase in tax collection of around 5% and with a better Social Security behavior than budgeted. Only in the Central Administration have we saved 5,000 million in interest. There will be no surprises and the tax reform will be important for taxpayers.

And going back to credit, how do you see your evolution?

The Spanish economy has to deleverage. However, Spanish banks have begun to discriminate risks. At this time, new credit flows to SMEs of less than one million euros and families, both in consumption and mortgage, begin to grow. And this is a consequence of the fact that the perception of bank solvency has improved since the reorganization took place in 2012. In addition, the spreads of the credit cost that we had with the countries of central Europe have been reduced.

Do not you think that the banking sector in Spain is moving towards an oligopoly situation?
In Spain it will happen the same as in France, Holland, United Kingdom … We will have a fortnight of important entities, which will compete.

Will there be a round of mergers between the entities that have remained of medium size?
Nothing is disposable. It is true that there are six entities with a larger size, but I do not believe that others such as Ibercaja, Unicaja, Kutxa, Cajamar and even Bankinter have remained in a no-man’s land because of size … These entities are national and non-regional players and have a role to fulfill. Spanish banks are big. Of the 130 that the ECB will supervise, 15 are Spanish. We believe that you are prepared to pass the supervisor’s exams with good grades.

Will Bankia be able to walk in the future without a controlling shareholder?

Yes, with institutional investors, such as Santander or BBVA now. It has a market share of 10%. He is an important player and he is very healthy. Starting in mid-October, we will sound a second disinvestment. The percentage has not yet been decided, but its quotation already exceeds the price of the last placement.

Does the banking reform end?

The complete divestments of BMN and Bankia are pending, which constitute an important chapter to recover the aid. The Credit Cooperatives Law is also lacking, which will improve corporate governance and define capital instruments.

And foreign banks have disappeared completely from Spain, after the last movements …
Once the ECB takes over the supervision in November, and with the Banking Union underway, I think we will see major cross-border operations in Europe.

After the scandal of Gowex and other companies listed on the MAB, how is it going to improve its operation?


We are going to include more supervision in this market. Bolsas y Mercados, the current manager, will be above the operation and the CNMV will be able to demand concrete actions.

The primary sector receives 20 million, with aid to farms with outstanding credit and to plant chestnuts

Image result for aid to farms

The Galician Government has approved, within the framework of the distribution of extra resources linked to the solvency of the accounts, a package of measures amounting to almost 20 million euros to support the primary sector, with actions that include direct aid to dairy farms with pending credits and the promotion of chestnut plantation in the community.

The Galician president, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, has informed of this at the end of the Council of the Xunta, in a press conference in which the reserve of additional funds has also advanced for the parcel rallies, to minimize the damage caused by species such as the wild boar. and the wolf, or, in the coastal area, for pontoons and security improvements.

The new package of measures, this time focused on the primary sector, comes after the Executive in recent weeks approved other groups of actions in the economic, health or social areas, which included the expansion of aid of 100 euros per month of the ‘Tarvâta Benvida’ for babies born in 2017.


Specifically, for the dairy sector, a line of direct aids will be approved for holders of farms that have financial difficulties arising from their activity.

“We are talking about a contribution of 3 million euros to help those farms that have difficulties derived from a loan linked to the farm: that was refinanced, that extended the payment term or the grace period, that has a judicial resolution of execution of mortgage or debts with suppliers, “he said.


Image result for chestnuts

On the other hand, with the aim of “diversifying” the possibilities in the rural areas, a line of almost 2.6 million euros will be allocated to plant in Galicia almost one million chestnuts, 1,000 hectares and benefiting almost 700 families.

“It is a historic decision,” said Feijóo, who explained that “the maximum area (of the chestnut plantation) is flexibilized, without limits, and the minimum areas are reduced” in response to the “complaints” made by the producers to be able to access the subsidies.

Likewise, in the coming months a contribution of 4.2 million euros will be injected to close the already very advanced concentrations and to decree new restructuring zones.

In this line, several works will be carried out that will make available to the owners the farms affected by different processes of land consolidation, and that will facilitate access to farms or the improvement of communications in more than 36,000 hectares, “benefiting in total to more than 25,000 families. “

“We also decided to start work on new areas of land restructuring, acting on more than 8,700 hectares, which will benefit more than 3,300 owners,” he added.


In the field of infrastructures, the head of the Xunta has specified that the regional government will allocate 4.5 million euros to fine-tune numerous infrastructures in a total of 25 municipalities.

It will also seek to reduce the damage caused by certain animal species -especially wild boar and wolf- on agricultural crops. Thus, 2 million euros will be allocated to various tasks of prevention and aid to those affected.

With regard to the fishing sector, Feijóo has stressed that 3 million euros are reserved for the purpose of immediately undertaking improvement works on pontoons and improving the security of the ports.


Feijóo has explained, to questions from the media, that this package of measures for the primary sector closes the distribution of what he calls “surplus of responsibility”, the more than 200 million extra that Galicia will receive for meeting the deficit.

According to his calculations, the measures linked to health, education, health, employment and family, among other areas, cost between 155 and 157 million euros.

To this, we must add another 25 million, cost in which Feijóo has encrypted the return of public employees of the specific supplement accrued from the first extra pay of 2013. The decision will materialize through a bill that the Xunta will send to the Galician Chamber in the coming weeks.

In total, the investment so far is about 180 million, so the Xunta will still have “a reserve of prudence” to enhance the programs that work best or deal with unforeseen events.


Image result for vineyard

Apart from the extra resources of the “surplus of responsibility”, Feijóo has informed that the Xunta will allocate 1.7 million to the new call for aid for restructuring and reconversion of the Galician vineyard.

Likewise, Xunta and Cetmar will collaborate to consolidate the aquaculture activity in Mozambique and strengthen its fisheries research. The Galician Government will contribute 105,500 euros to a cooperation project that will contribute to the fight against poverty in the province of Cabo Delgado.


Things To Check Out When You Apply For A Pay Day Loan

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There are several reasons why individuals may need to have a payday advance. Individuals need to get quick cash for those sorts of reasons and this kind of thing can happen to just about anyone. Those people who are looking for a way to get the cash without any questions asked and a way that is safe in addition to convenient will use these simple lending companies. These financial loans are made for the short-term loan. Whenever someone cannot make it until the next payday, they usually search for these sorts of loans. They can obtain a payday advance from such a business that will offer them the particular quick cash that they require right away. This is better than all of them trying to borrow from somebody they know who generally do not have the cash on hand and can have to go to the bank.

A reasonable rate of interest. Most credit cards with benefits carry higher interest rates compared to non-rewards cards. However, this may not mean you should negotiate with a card that bears an expensive APR. By doing an assessment, you should be able to find an incentive credit card with affordable INTEREST.

So as you can see, getting a payday loan online is very easy and it is extremely easy to understand what it is. There is no extreme online print when having your payday advance and you don’t have to be worried about not having the money when you need it. Imagine your online cash advance otherwise your solution to any money problem. Rather than panicking, a payday loan online could be the solution to a not-so-complicated mathematics problem.

Four Questions To Request When A Debt Collector Telephone Calls

With higher unemployment rates and unparalleled indebtedness, an increasing number of Americans have found that they’re on the receiving finish of debt collection calls. Plus, because debt collectors are having a hard time meeting their quotas, an increasing number are turning to hardball tactics that will put fear into the minds of consumers.

The primary legislation that governs debt collectors could be the debt collection and credit course Practices Act (FDCPA) and is enforced by the Federal government Trade Commission (FTC). This particular Act prevents the debt enthusiasts from unfair, abusive plus deceptive means to collect the debt from you. Mainly, this specific Act only applies to lenders who are managing a financial liability for someone else and not the particular owners of the mortgage on their own. The Act only pertains to consumer debt, and not debt a person incurred to run a business.

Are you counting on the bankruptcy to knock off your credit card, cash advance, student loans, and medical liabilities? Once upon a time, declaring bankruptcy was a simple process, but no longer valid.

These payday loan settlement lenders are often viewed by the public as greedy loan sharks who create impossible plans from whence the needy are ruthlessly taken advantage of, through complicated payment programs and small print terms. That not the truth with payday loan online settlement improvements.

When the borrowed funds are due in two weeks, must necessarily repay it at the period. Lenders such as you to carry over the loan and extend it two more weeks. You will think it is incredible how quick the fees strengthen.

Will it? I don’t think, therefore. While Senator Isakson credit tax credit and collection policy sample for curing what he notes as being a similar trend back in the mid-1970s, what the era signaled was our nation’s decreasing ability to produce and our national policy of marketing the directing of customer resources into non-productive, non-income generating activity like casing.

Every debt enthusiast has a different collection plan. Hence, you must be familiar with the particular amounts and terms how the debt collector will accept. You might be short-changing yourself if you don’t understand how low each of your creditors will undoubtedly settle for. The only experience may help you with this one.

The Fair credit and collection news Act of 1977 (FDCPA) governs debt collection companies. Those that go by the name consumer debt recuperation tend to be much more aggressive compared to businesses who do not make use of that moniker. These companies happen to be known to terrify customers. But you do not have to accept nuisance at the hands of a debt collection firm no matter what it calls for itself.

Some examples of junk financial debt buyers include LVNV Financing, Midland Collection, NCO Monetary, Asset Acceptance. There are many, some other companies that purchase old debt from corporations to be able to attempt to collect them.

One more tool which you can use if you so choose would be to ask the collection company to cease from contacting you merely by phone. This will not trigger the debt to go away or even stop the progression from the collection, but you will not get phone calls anymore. However, you can still be sued in this case. Understand your rights and make use of them as you need to.

Easy Online Pay Day Loans – Solving Money Needs In A Hurry

You need to realize that even though reading the opinions of customers that many are to be taken with a wheat of salt. Many people like to complain if they are not a thousand % satisfied with their quick loan approval they are going to rip the company aside and even exaggerate several problems.

Picking the most appropriate type of listened loans mortgage for your scenario may help lessen the stress you feel financially. It will also supply you with the capability to do more while using cash without spending practically as much. Generally the target of taking out that loan is by using the money intended for whatever it really is you may need it for a lot of. Sticking to this target can make a big difference.

Producing utility payments will be pretty significant specifically those people who need to a high temperature to survive the winter many months. The last thing you will need is always to have your energy cut off just because your own paycheck doesn’t appear before the due date. A lot of people choose to not take out and about a cash advance online 100% approval due to the fee but ignore the fees which will be purchased both being overdue and the reinstating associated with service. All in all, these types of short-term loans may be less expensive than the counter.

If you have some bad credit historical past, after that also you might apply for this kind of financial loans. Lenders are below least interested in figuring out your own credit documents and if a person accomplishes all above money advance checking account situations, after that your loan will agree to very instantly.

Because several states have located more limits upon cash advance companies, lenders charge fees rather than interest levels. By doing this, they stay away from “usury” laws.

Zero credit check cash advance is definitely handy in situations to tend to run out from the insured amount. Generally, a major portion of your own medical expenses will be taken care of by the medical care insurance; with you falling short of a very small amount- point out $100. The not any cash advance loans no credit check loan is designed to meet an extremely small cash scarcity.

Sometimes it occurs that individuals need money through some unforeseen instances. With this juncture, you can apply for quick loan products the UK. These loans can be taken regarding temporary period just like two in order to 4 weeks. One should meet certain criteria like they should be a citizen of the nation and has to be full-time worker developing a fixed income. In addition, he must have a doing work banking account. Availing instantaneous loans are the most beneficial option when it comes to paying out immediate expenses. You don’t need to provide any kind of credit check proscribe loans needed. Through this mortgage loan, one can get immediate cash advance checking account. They can avail this funds inside 24 hours regarding applying.

You could fossed loans obtain a loan anytime you like. Now, you could also accomplish that on the web. It is of consolation loans which convenient. Short term or even cash advance checking account tend not to usually require co-guarantors plus collaterals. They can be unsecured loans with regard deline loans to very bad credit people. This is why they may be readily available especially in in an attempt to needy borrowers which are struggling with poor credit ranking. Just complete the particular forms, submit bare minimum detonated loans requirements, and you are going obtain the loan. The task takes in regards into a day or reduced.

Several Steps To Get You Started Out On The Stock Market

You need to create a strategy as well as a marketing plan. Then you definitely should account for income and reduction. You will want a balance sheet and also a cash flow worksheet. The cash stability chart clearly shows your individual financial status although working ratios let you make excellent evaluations of your business effectiveness. Finally, you need a professional summary to be able to tie everything with each other.

Regardless of what your current ratios are, aim to lessen these types of percentages after some time. Just because a financial institution is usually willing to lend an individual up to 28 % of the gross month to month income, keep in mind that imply that you should borrow quite definitely money to buy a residence.

Depreciation, on the business cash flow analysis template, stayed consistent through 2002-2004. Depreciation throughout 2002 was $105, 000 and in 2005 it was $109, 500. This could represent how the company had not ordered any new gear to increase the downgrading amount. Again this may be statistics supporting the concept the company is currently not necessarily expanding.

Only knowing your own consumer isn’t enough designed for long-term success within your small company. In Superstar Trek, the particular Vulcan race had a chance to perform a mind were. During the time of the mind meld dish, they could notice, believe, and feel every little thing their partner has been viewing, thinking, plus feeling. This is the method close you must visit knowing your consumer. The nearer you obtain, the most successful you are able to become.

You’re how to prepare a cash flow statement is a document of which details the cash utilized in making a company performance correctly, plus the location where the money came from. Wikipedia relates a business to some giant vat associated with water that contains more of the liquid and in addition, has lines working from within to the beyond it – in the investor’s pockets and also to whom the business is debt. The cash-flow statement attempts to describe the experience of the water — or the flow of your respective cash.


Cash is very important – Pay honor to the King. Using a cash flow templates in excel is a must and also you must review that regularly to see what your location is. Review your accounts receivable aging weekly to make sure your customers stay current plus identify problems earlier. Review your billing together with collection policies to ensure you are expediting your money inflows. Make sure that you will be paying your company accounts payable when because of maintaining your credit, however, not too early in order to preserve cash.

CASH FLOW: The motion plus timing pounds, in and out from the company. In addition to the Balance Web page and the Income Declaration, you might want to report the particular flow associated with money through your business. Your business could be profitable yet ‘cash poor’ plus unable to pay out your own bills. Not good!

Is Your Credit Rating At Risk?

Once individuals bills stop approaching, be aware that you will probably end up being racking up interest while you aren’t paying. However, you can’t remain underneath the protection of that deferment or forbearance approach forever. Most loan companies will scatter payday only give you a certain quantity of time to find an employment, so start looking as quickly as possible.

No application impose! Sometimes, you just have to have pissed off. In this article you are, currently requiring cash badly, from then on some insensitive financial loans organization will charge could you avail of their particular providers! The fast payday loans primary lender in Ontario providers understand the concerns, and will not cost you something from your get-go!

When looking for money loan lenders, make sure that you find out if they are licensed fill payday and when they are a properly proven business. Do they have a small business address? Do they have the secure process that they can follow? Is the firm an established and acknowledged name? You have to be sure you are dealing with a respected company since in case you just go ahead and settle with a few no name loan company, and you really do not have a lot of security for yourself, and so they can simply increase the fascination or add undisclosed fees that you might have heard before.

With payday advances, no guarantor does not require a guarantor or perhaps lender when you submit an application for the loan. You can implement on their own without any trouble. No upfront fees or perhaps broker is so we lower your expenses. He faces around 1500 for a period involving 31 days or even a month. This is a short term personal loan, so one needs just momentary financial concerns. You can get these financial loans without worrying about delivering documents or fern ko pie or even come up with security.

Yes, they will supply you with the loan, but you can not expect them to do it without the proper records. To get payday loans guaranteed approval without having a fax, you will need to prove to them proper, official id, proof of a current tackle as well as evidence of salary. You may also need to have the checking account and carry a blank void verify to set up a payment plan.

Via advances cheapest installment loan anybody can quickly obtain an account that ranges about $1500 depending upon the monthly salary. Below this scheme, you should pay back the loan within the repayment time regarding 14-31 days. Hence, you can pay back a personal loan on the next cash advance. With the availed account, you are free to employ money in squalid payday many functions such as home advancements, credit card dues, monthly payments and vehicles maintenance tasks, etc .

Before infect payday you fall target to both collectors and lenders, take the time and rework your financial budget. If you cannot afford regular payments, then you want to get rid of any unwanted extra. Once you can easily carve some money off of the cost of living, you can start paying off debt and plan for financial emergencies. Reducing debt will slowly and gradually turn your tragedy apply payday credit score into the opposing direction.